Therapeutic Acting Ta For Couples

Therapeutic Acting for Couples (TA-C) expands on the behavioral aspect of Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (CBT), a research-based, tried and true method of dealing with many mental health issues. TA integrates my training and experience as a mental health professional and actress with a doctorate in psychology and master of fine arts in dramatic arts.

In TA-C, couples engage in mini-dialogues (improvised or scripted) in which they attempt to achieve specific responses from each other. These communication (acting) exercises increase behavioral flexibility and encourage partners to be thoughtful (strategic) about how they express themselves or ask for what they want or need from each other.

Some people may think that “acting” is being insincere. Not in this context. On the contrary. Neither partner will be pretending. Each partner’s statements, appeals, needs, wants and questions are generated from within. That is, the “what?” of communication is unique to each partner. TA teaches the “how” – how to communicate in a way that’s more likely to achieve a hoped for response from the other partner. TA teaches how to communicate sincerely – in different ways – increasing the probability that communication will be productive.

Are you ready to be a better communicator?

Would you like to reduce relationship frustration and conflict?

Do you wish your partner responded to you differently?

If so, let me help you with Therapeutic Acting!