Online Counseling

I’ve been providing tele-health visits, also called tele-counseling, tele-psychotherapy, tele-therapy, on-line therapy, virtual psychotherapy, virtual counseling and video-conferencing, on a confidential video platform, for some time.

I also offer on-line “human performance”/life/ADHD coaching.

All you have to do is contact me at or 240-277-4427 and indicate you’re interested in beginning online counseling.

If we schedule a visit, I’ll ask you to complete the Initial Visit Forms on my webpage and email them back to me using my encrypted email (Hushmail) or fax them to me. Then I’ll email you my online address for our confidential video visit.

At our scheduled time, you enter my video address, which puts you in my virtual waiting room, and I log on. Then we’ll see and hear each other and begin!