Being a Medicare provider of psychological services fits me very well since I’m 80 years old!

I remember what my mother told me years ago when she was in the hospital. She said that as part of the hospital’s medical services, a mental health practitioner came to ask whether my mother would like to talk to her about anything that was on her mind or stressing her. The young woman that came to offer counseling or psychotherapy to my 70-something year old mother was in her twenties. My mother thanked her and assured her that she didn’t need any talk therapy at that time.

The point my mother was making to me was that she couldn’t imagine discussing any of her concerns with such a young person. She couldn’t imagine how a young person would possibly understand the kinds of things an elderly person would worry about. Moreover, it would be like discussing her deepest fears with her own grandchild – for whom she, herself, would expect to be in the comforting role.

We were all young once, needing experience. So we all understand how a very young girl could be in a position to ask a rather old lady whether she could be her counselor or therapist. But, really, there’s no way a young person could understand the mindset of those of us who are elderly. There’s nothing like being old to understand what it is to be old!

So I’m really happy to help folks at this end of life. I know what it’s about – firsthand.