Medical Health and Psychology

Medical Psychology (sometimes called Health Psychology) refers to behavioral processes that influence medical conditions and physical/overall health.  It is not traditional psychotherapy.

By now, it is well known that stress, anxiety and depression have negative effects on physical health. In fact, diabetes, cardio-vascular disease, chronic pain, COPD, Lupus, and other conditions are known to be aggravated by stress, anxiety and depression.

Therefore, my work as a Medical Psychologist entails helping those with medical conditions find a way to reduce the stress they actually feel and express in their body.

Correcting stress-generating perceptions is important, but, even more important, is training in strategies that thwart the effects of stressors.

Reasonable approaches to deep relaxation are also covered.

As you can imagine, this work has to be highly individualized, because everyone’s negative stressors are unique to that person.