Divorce Mediation Basics

Mediation is a frequently used method of negotiating a divorce settlement.

In divorce mediation, you and your spouse—or, in some cases, the two of you and your respective lawyers—hire me as a mediator, a neutral third party – to meet with you in an effort to discuss and resolve the issues in your divorce.

The goal of our meetings is to create a mutually agreeable settlement called a Memorandum of Agreement, which, after being reviewed by an attorney, can be given to the court. The MOA includes your plans for how you will divide assets and debts, implement a parenting plan, and manage child support and alimony.

You make the decisions. I facilitate the discussion in which the two of you decide what’s best for your family.

Divorce mediation works when both people are willing and open to negotiation and compromise. Mediation is a powerful process, even in the presence of significant disagreement, if everyone is committed to the process.