Differences Between Coaching and Counseling

Health Care Service: Counseling, Psychotherapy

Licensed by the State: Counselors, Psychologists, Therapists

Health Insurance Payment Available: Counseling, Psychotherapy

College Degree Required: Counselor, Psychotherapist

Meet State Requirements & Pass Licensing Exam: Counselor/Psychotherapist

Meet State Continuing Education Requirements: Counselor, Psychologist, Therapist
Certificate-Level Education/Training:

State Confidentiality Laws Must Be Followed: Counselors, Psychologist, Therapists

Location Requirements:

Counseling/psychotherapy – legal if client/patient is in the State in which the professional is licensed. Due to Covid, this restriction is currently relaxed.
Mediation – no location restrictions
Coaching – no location restrictions

Encrypted Video Platform for Video Conferencing: Counseling, psychotherapy

Out-of-Pocket Payment: Mediation, Coaching