Adults, Couples and Families with ADHD

I can help you manage your challenges if

1.  You are an adult with ADHD, or

2.  You don’t have ADHD but your partner does, or

3.  One or more of your children has ADHD.

I am an expert in this area because –

1. I have diagnosed and treated Adult ADHD for years as a psychologist.

2. I am a certified coach.

3. I was married to a man with ADHD, and

4. My three adult sons have ADHD.

I can help you online wherever you live, because this is coaching, not therapy or counseling (which have provider/client location restrictions)!

On-line sessions with me are usually from 30 minutes to one hour, once each week.

Of course, different arrangements are possible.

Payment is made on Zelle in advance of sessions.

Email me:  or call me: 240-277-4427 so we can get going!