Seeking more inner peace?
Wish your communication yielded better results?
I'll help you grow the brain you need to achieve those results.

~ for adults born before 1981~


If you are interested in Cognitive Behavior Therapy  with me, I will help you build new brain networks that manage your problems better than the networks you’ve been using.  

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A worm in a radish doesn't know what it's like in an apple

Are We A Good Fit?

Who am I? I’m unique in that I’m a psychologist and counselor with decades of experience as well as a divorce mediator, personal coach, and retired physical therapist with an MFA in Dramatic Arts and M.S. in Public Health. I’ve also taught psychologists, physicians, physical therapists, and actors.

What do I do? With my vast experience and broad training, I create highly individualized evidence-based approaches to helping clients identify, understand, and learn how to manage problems and achieve goals. At this time, I’m only seeing clients virtually.

How do I do what I do? I listen, mentor and guide clients, using facts and practices described in research from several professional domains, including psychology/counseling, conflict resolution and negotiation, interpersonal communication, the brain, and the brain’s relationship to the other human body systems. Although I engage a variety of therapeutic methods, according to a client’s needs at any particular time, my focus is on clients’ thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes and whether they motivate feelings and behavior that help them achieve stated goals. Essentially, this is Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT).

Why do I do what I do? I absolutely love helping people build self-confidence and achieve goals.